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Happy New Year!
I Quit my Job in November, and started Full Time Content Creation in December. I've never had the freedom to build my own schedule before, and a Month into this, I can better reflect on what is working, and what is not working.
I'm very happy with the progress we've made in Magic Elevator Quest. With the Freedom to schedule my time and energy, I've been considerably more diligent with updates! I've also noticed there are a few people that consistantly reply to my posts. I find this to be Fulfilling and Manageable.

The Weekly Devlogs, have also been a huge boon for me. Not only do they help my to stay diligent about working, they also help me to maintain direction, plan out my workflow, and keep the scope of my work well managed. Though I don't have a following for my games, I'm making these games for myself, so they are their own reward.

I have struggled to keep up with the Video Uploads. Though I am happy with the videos I've released, I can't help but feel like they could have been better. The Monday Deadline, has made me feel more stressed out. and When I miss it, It feels very demotivating. For These reasons, I am not guaranteeing Video Updats on any set schedule.

My work Schedule will remain the same, so I will continue to work on Videos/Animations, but I will now do so without the stress of a Deadline. This will help me to release better video content.

My Creations are made possible by your Support!
Even a Sub on Youtube, or Joining the Discord Server, makes a big impact!

- Thank You,
2nd January 2022

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